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Papirus sets up new strategic plan, mulls expansion

Company will have a sustainability and circular economy vision 10/05/2022 Amando Varella — Foto: Claudio Belli/Valor Papirus, one of the most traditional Brazilian manufacturers of paperboard, is discussing a new long-term strategic plan with a sustainability and circular economy vision, which may culminate in a future expansion project with substantial investments. The company, which has […]

First privatized port authority, Codesa begins expansion

Pioneer experience in Espírito Santo will be a benchmark for sector 10/05/2022 Ilson Hulle — Foto: Gabriel Lordello/Valor Codesa, the Espírito Santo Port Authority that is now officially privatized, plans to expand the capacity of the state’s ports and draw new types of cargo. The new management team took over operations on September 21 and […]

Brazil’s tobacco exports expected to cool down after strong growth

Strong pace of sales could have been driven by pent-up demand caused by shortage of containers, ships last year 10/05/2022 Despite the strong growth between January and August, Brazil’s tobacco exports are expected to cool down and end 2022 relatively flat in volume and with lower increase in revenue compared to last year’s results. According […]

Trucks hit road as North region lacks gas pipelines

Logistical hurdles pave the way for Virtu, a company focused on gas transportation through highways 10/05/2022 Hamilton Amadeo — Foto: Leo Pinheiro/Valor An unsuccessful auction held by the federal government on September 30 put the viability of thermoelectric projects in the interior of Brazil in jeopardy. It was expected to contract 2,000 megawatts in the […]

Savings accounts have record withdrawal

From August 2021 to September, outflow reached R$131bn, while inflow totaled R$67bn 10/05/2022 Fernando Honorato — Foto: Carol Carquejeiro/Valor Brazilians have never withdrawn so much money from savings accounts as in recent months. The total withdrawals until September 19, 2022 reached a historical record of R$131 billion, counted since the balance of deposits reached the […]

Brookfield’s new car rental business expected to gross R$3.3bn

New company operates under brand Unidas, bought with divestiture package 10/04/2022 Claudio Zattar — Foto: Carol Carquejeiro/Valor Under the Unidas brand, Brookfield’s new car rental business is expected to gross over R$3.3 billion this year, in addition to an EBITDA of over R$1.2 billion, said Cláudio Zattar, the chief executive of Unidas. The new company was created by the merger […]

Industrial cost slows down but inflation will still be high

Central Bank’s median projections for industrial goods inflation are 9.2% for 2022 and 3.8% next year 10/04/2022 Fábio Romão — Foto: Silvia Costanti/Valor Inflation of industrial goods, especially those linked to the economic cycle, accelerated again recently, reinforcing the perception among economists that the cooling of industry costs will help bring the country’s official inflation (IPCA) down […]

Battle between Oi, mobile business buyers heats up

Telco obtained injunction ordering Telefónica, TIM, Claro to deposit R$1.5bn in court; trio sought B3 arbitration chamber 10/04/2022 The battle between Oi and the buyers of its mobile business – Telefónica, Telecom Italia’s TIM and América Móvil’s Claro – over the value and agreements on the transaction intensified on Monday. Oi obtained an injunction ordering […]

Effects of health crisis will challenge next president

Brazil’s public healthcare system needs more funds to meet pent-up demand generated during pandemic; country also must increase vaccination coverage against diseases that are again seen as threats 10/03/2022 The worst phase of the pandemic was left behind last year, but whoever takes over the presidency in January will still have to face several effects […]