Real Estate Law

In this area of practice we are prepared to address, prepare documents, contracts and agreements and also liaise with local, state and federal authorities on such matters as.
· Purchase option operations, agreement of sale, purchase and sale, loan for use, swap agreements, accord and satisfaction, collateral, construction, contract job, rental, leasing and partnership.

· Due diligence on real estate operations.

· Real estate developments, plot division, property division, shopping malls, hotels, flat services, condominium (residential, commercial, industrial and hospital) and clubs.
· Regularization of real estate documentation, registration, recording and other required measures related to real estate business activities.

· Acquisition of rural real estate by foreign citizens or companies, due diligence on company property and foreign real estate investment operation planning in Brazil.

· Personal and collateral securities, such as guaranties, sureties, admission of debt, bonds and mortgages involving real estate operations.

· Lawsuits involving the enforcement of obligations arising from real estate deals, including, but not limited to, repossession, eviction, renewal and/or revision of lease/rental contracts, compulsory conveyance of real estate ownership, mortgage enforcement, determination of civil liability for damages, credit collection and repossession.

· Rural real estate acquisitions, georeferencing, rural leasing, association of interests in rural areas, guaranteed loans for rural development and establishment and registration of legally protected areas.

· Operations involving tide lands, emphyteusis and federal land occupation areas.