Trade Law

We advise and assist our clients on the following.

· Trade agreements in general, including distribution, commercial representation, purchase and sale, service performance and lease agreements.

· Legal issues pertaining to personal and collateral securities to enforce agreement compliance, such as guaranties, sureties, admission of debt, bonds, trade collateral, fiduciary ownership and mortgages.

· Trade transactions and applicable law.

· Regulatory aspects of different commercial activities in Brazil, covering tax, corporate and trade issues for local and foreign companies.

· International trade: import and export operations and the peculiarities of Brazilian Law on subsides, tariffs, safeguards, compensatory measures and duty rights.

· Credit securities in general, including, but not limited to trade bills, promissory notes, banking checks and bills of exchange and related enforcement procedures.

· Bankruptcy and judicial and extrajudicial reorganization.

· Antitrust related issues.