Consumer Law

Our dedicated staff focuses on consumer protection issues, such as but not limited to those detailed below, seeking strict compliance with Brazil’s Consumer Protection Code, by filing, objecting to and following up lawsuits and acting for our clients before Brazil’s.

Bureau of Consumer Protection in the following areas.

· Unfair and deceptive provisions in adhesion contracts and miscellaneous product supply and service performance agreements.

· Legal action.

a) Precautionary measures for compliance with Consumer Law provisions, cancellation of unfair blacklisting and enforcement of health insurance provisions.

b) Moral damages including name, image, honor, dignity, aesthetics and credit history.

c) Civil liability for faulty products and services.

· Consumer relations: individual and class actions.

· Consumer Protection Code standards and requirements: compliance and avoidance of dispute.

· Consumer-related issues in general: products and services, basic rights, quality control, damages, health and safety.

· Representation before consumer protection agencies.

· Unfair trade practices: offers, advertising, cost estimates, debt collection, data bank listings (SPC, SERASA and CPF), consumer returns, credit history.

· Debt renegotiation and collection: banks, credit card companies, consumer finance companie.