Life Sciences

We address issues and provide consulting solutions related to the following.

· Laws applicable to approved drug products (including, but not limited to, reference, similar/generic and biotechnology drugs), cosmetics, pesticides, biodiversity, functional food, genetically modified organisms and biofuels.

· Regulatory Law applicable to the following sectors: pharmaceutical, food, chemical and biotechnology, including product labeling and advertising.

· Administrative and court spheres:
a) issues related to assisted reproduction, civil liability and medical errors.
b) public bidding in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.
c) protection of intellectual property rights.
d) antitrust issues related to Life Sciences.
e) civil, administrative and criminal liability and sanctions applicable to the food, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

· Patent applications, preparation of legal documentation, registration and follow-up with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI.

· Technology transfer and licensing agreements.

· Consolidation, mergers and acquisitions.