ONG Sylvio de Magalhães Padilha – SYMAP (Educar através do esporte segundo os valores do Ideal Olímpico)

AllTheWeb (International. Search in both Brazilian and foreign sites. That is one of the fastest sites)

AONDE (National. Belongs to Rede Luso Busca for researching in Portuguese speaking countries)

CADÊ? (National. Catalog of Brazilian pages or related to Brazil)

Google (International. Returns only pages that include keyed terms)

RADARUOL (National. Search Brazilian sites and by regions of the world such as North America and Europe)

YAHOO (National. Search by categories, showing a list of sites organized according to subjects)


Bank of Brazil

Brazilian Antitrust Authority

Brazilian Electric Power Agency

Brazilian Federal Prosecutor’s Office

Brazilian Federal Savings Bank

Brazilian Federal Treasury

Brazilian Government – Three Powers 

Brazilian House of Representatives

Brazilian Institute for Environment

Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics

Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property

Brazilian National Justice Council

Brazilian National Prosecution Office

Brazilian Prosecution Office

Brazilian Senate

Brazilian Telecommunications Agency

Central Bank of Brazil

Consumer’s Protection – São Paulo Office

Extrajudicial Portal of the São Paulo State Appellate Court

Federal Internal Revenue Service

General Attorney Office for the Department of the Treasury

Labor General Prosecutor’s Office

Planalto – Office of the Brazilian President

Regional Labor Attorney Office -2nd Region

Rio de Janeiro State Legislature

São Paulo City Council

São Paulo Municipal Council

São Paulo State Board of Trade) 

São Paulo State Foundation for Research Support

São Paulo State Foundation System for Data Analysis

São Paulo State Government

São Paulo State Legislature

Securities and Exchange Commission)

State General Prosecutor’s Office

State Internal Revenue Service

Virtual Community of Federal Legislative Power

On-line Services

Brazilian Notaries

Brazilian Zip Code – Ministry of Communications – Post Office

Citizen Calculator – Central Bank of Brazil

Consultation on Divorce and Last Will Deeds – Notary Association – São Paulo Section

Digital Certificate from São Paulo State Official Gazette

Electronic Precinct – Civilian Police of São Paulo

Federal Police – Services to Community

Information on Registration of Companies – São Paulo State Board of Trade

International Telephone Book

Power of Attorney at Brazilian Internal Revenue Service

São Paulo City Traffic Fines

São Paulo State Companies Data Base Consultation

São Paulo State Program of Fiscal Recovery

São Paulo State Traffic Fines

Services to Voter – Superior Electoral Courts

Telephones of São Paulo State


Certificate of Credits Registered under Debts in Execution

Certificate of Protests

Certificate of State Police Clearance

Certificate on São Paulo City Real Estate

Federal Civil, Criminal and Electoral Certificate

FGTS Employer Good Standing Certificate

Last Will Certificate

São Paulo City Real State Certificate

Secretaria da Receita Federal) (Certificate of Non-Debtor – Federal

Social Security Clearance Certificate – Consultation

Social Security Clearance Certificate – Request for Issuance

Ten-Notary-Office Certificate

Newspapers/Legal Sites/Competitive Public Hiring/Ministries

Agrarian Development


Budget and Management










Industry and Foreign Trade



Mines and Energy

National Integration

Presidency Staff

Sciences and Technology

Social and Starvation Fight

Social Security


State Department



Sites Abroad/Eletronic Law/Assorted Agencies

American Chamber of Commerece

Brazilian Bar Association

Brazilian Lawyer Institute

Civil Registry for Individuals

Consumer Protection

Criminal Sciences Institute

Federal Judges 

Insurance Law Institute

Judges for Democracy

Law School

Lawyer Studies Center

Magistrate School


Magistrates – Labor Justice

Prosecution Office

Public Advocacy Institute

São Paulo City Commerce

São Paulo City Lawyers

São Paulo Lawyer Institute

São Paulo State Law School

Service Rendering Federation

Social Rights




Appeals – Limited Jurisdiction

Military Justice

Regional – Electoral

Regional – Federal

Regional – Labor

São Paulo State


Issuance of Payment Forms

Federal Court

Federal Supreme Court

Federal – Labor


Legal Forms

Other Taxes

Real Estate

Real Estate and Gifts

Superior Court of Justice

São Paulo State Courts

1st Appeals – dissolved

2nd Appeals – dissolved


Criminal Appeals – dissolved

Internal Affairs – Justice


Military Justice

Regional Electoral

Regional Federal – 3rd Region

Regional Labor – 15th Region

Regional Labor – 2nd Region

Taxes and Fees

Superior Courts





Supreme Court

Regional Electoral Courts/Regional Federal Appellate Courts

1st Region – Federal District

2nd Region – Rio de Janeiro

4th Region – Rio Grande do Sul

5th Region – Pernambuco

Federal Justice Counsil)

Regional Appellate Labor Courts

3rd Region – São Paulo

State Appellate Court/Military Appellate Court/State Court of Appeals of Limited Jurisdiction