Civil Law

The Civil Law system, adopted by Brazil, requires that we act for our clients as well as advise and assist them in a comprehensive manner on the many diverse aspects of this area of legal practice

· Agreements governed by civil law: purchase and sale, consignment sale, property development, real estate management, exchange or barter, donation, rental, pledge, mortgage, antichresis, lodging, loan for use, loan, deposit, syndicates, transportation and insurance, among others. Preparation and review, filing of related enforcement and damages suits

· Pre-litigation: out of court settlement of disputes

· Lawsuits in the civil sphere:

a) Precautionary legal action such as attachment and seizure, search and seizure, discovery, escrow, early production of evidence, justification, stay of protest

b) Action for damages, such as direct and indirect property damage, loss of profits, consequential damage

c) Rendering of account, payment into court, recovery, annulment and replacement of bearer securities

d) Enforcement of negotiable instruments such as bills of exchange, promissory notes, trade bills, debentures, checks, debt confession, public confession of debt

e) Small Claims Court

· Legal and extrajudicial notices to establish liability, provide evidence, prevent liability, protect against damages, establish delay, enforce compliance and reach amicable settlement prior to litigation

· Resolution of contractual and extra contractual civil direct or passive liability issues arising from either voluntary default or negligence, guilt and risk

Due diligence, contingencies and legal liability, analysis of legal risk and evaluation of procedures for contingency elimination or reduction, reporting on critical issues and recommendations for legal compliance