Environmental Law

Our team has the necessary expertise to provide advice and follow-up on

· Federal, state and municipal laws that provide for environmental permits, carbon emission projects, disposal of effluents, forest handling, destination of waste, and survey of and remedies for contaminated areas

· Potentially polluting projects: structure and implementation, administrative requirements for licenses and permits

· Execution of TACs: Instruments of Agreement that provide for the adjustment and regularization of procedures within a given time limit and subject to the enforcement of fines in the event of default

· Implementation and accreditation of environmental management systems

· Overseas funding for local environmental projects

· Environmental auditing and compliance: water and forest resources

· Contractual and non-contractual liabilities related to the transportation of hazardous materials, waste disposal, basic sanitation, carbon market and biodiversity conservation and sustainable usage

· Administrative and court procedures regarding environmental issues within the civil, administrative and criminal spheres