International Law and Foreign Trade

Our dedicated staff has the expertise to assist our clients on the miscellaneous aspects of international business and foreign trade practices, such as those listed below, and to represent them before international trade and investment organizations, and also liaise with governments, international and intragovernamental organizations and NGOs in matters related to International Law and State relations.

· Corporate, contractual, joint venture, agribusiness, immigration, foreign investment, financial operations, intellectual property, new technologies and electronic communication related matters.

· International trade agreements (sales and purchase of goods, distribution, trade representation and franchising), technology transfer, export and import operations.

· International trade agreements and commercial arbitration, financial and foreign investment operations.

· World Trade Organization (WTO), World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mercosur and other international trade and investment organizations.

· Unfair trade practices and trade defense proceedings; antidumping, subsidies and safeguard measures.

· Private transnational litigations and international commercial arbitrations; family tax and asset planning in foreign business and investments.