Capital and Financial Market Banking Law

In advising our clients on a broad range of aspects of this specific area we will.

· Structure financial operations in accordance with specific capital and financial markets rules and regulations.

· Review borrowing, financing and other financial operations in both the Brazilian and international markets and secure foreign loan registration with Brazil’s Central Bank – BACEN.

· Analyze and prepare agreements with financial institutions in general.

· File for and follow-up authorization procedures with BACEN in connection with the establishment of multiple service banks or financial market activities.

· Prepare the prospectus required by Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission – CVM on matters related to mutual funds, including filing, registration and approval.

· Structure operations in areas such as credit, exchange, purchase and sale of receivables, credit card management, mutual funds, factoring, consortia, leasing and securities distribution/brokerage.

· Organize financial operations and the public offering of securities in stock exchanges, futures and commodities exchanges and over-the-counter markets.

· Secure foreign capital registration with BACEN for cash investments (fund remittances, profit or dividend overseas remittance, share assignment, leasing and other related operations).

· Secure the registration of foreign credit operations such as loans, funded imports, leasing and others, and take all further measures in connection with the conversion of loans and of such other foreign credit operations into investment.

· Provide for accreditation of the funded companies with SISBACEN- the Central Bank’s operational, registration and control system.

· Act for our clients in both the administrative and litigation spheres in matters related to capital and financial markets and banking law.