Trump hails ‘treasured alliance’ between US and Japan

President Trump on Monday quoted ancient Japanese poetry and called the relationship between the US and Japan a “treasured alliance” during a toast before a state banquet with newly crowned Emperor Naruhito in Tokyo.

The Imperial Household Orchestra played “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Imperial Palace and the dinner crowd toasted and clapped.

​”​Good evening, we are profoundly honored to return to Japan as your nation​’​s first state guests following the enthronement of his majesty the emperor​,” Trump, wearing​ ​black tie, told the assembled guests.

“We thank the people of Japan for their incredible hospitality and warm welcome in this majestic land​,​”​ he said, adding that he values the “treasured alliance” between the US and Japan.

He also recited ancient Japanese poetry.

“It also reminds us that in times of change, we can take comfort in our inherited traditions. In the fifth book of the Manyoshu where the term Reiwa originates, the writings of two poets offer important insights​,” Trump said.

​“The second poet, a good friend of the first, reminds us of our solemn responsibilities to family and future generations. Both are beautiful lessons passed down from ancient wisdom​,” he continued. “Today we embrace the limitless potential before us.​”​

His reference to Reiwa, which means “beautiful harmony,” is the name of the new era that began with Naruhito’s ascension to the throne on May 1.

Trump is the first world leader to meet Naruhito and Empress Masako during his four-day visit to Japan.

Following his remarks, the orchestra played the Japanese national anthem, “Kimigayo,” and everyone stood.

Guests, including Trump and first lady Melania Trump and US Ambassador to Japan William Hagerty and his wife, Chrissy, dined on a six-course banquet.

The dishes featured consommé a la royale​, turbot a la meunière sauce tomate​, cote de boeuf rotie, salade de saison, glace Mont Fuji and a dessert of melon and grapes.

During his visit, Trump rekindled his relationship with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The two spent hours talking trade and the threat from North Korea.

They also played 16 holes of golf and lunched afterward on double cheeseburgers.

The two leaders also attended a sumo match, with Trump presenting the champion with a US-made trophy called the “President’s Cup.”

In a news conference earlier Monday, Trump touted his relationship with Abe.

“This visit has also been a chance for Prime Minister Abe and me to strengthen our close friendship and the friendship between our two nations​,” he said. “​The alliance between the United States and Japan is a cornerstone of stability and prosperity in the region and all around the world.​”​


Source: New York Post