“Sky Is The Limit” For Brazil/US Relations, Says Brazil’s Future Minister of Foreign Affairs

“The sky is the limit for the bilateral relations between Brazil and the United States,” during the Bolsonaro administration. That’s how ambassador Ernesto Araújo, the president-elect’s nomination for Minister of Foreign Affairs (a seat equivalent to the Secretary of State in the United States), described his expectations for the relationship between both countries.

During the first public function after his nomination, Araújo said that the meeting between Bolsonaro and National Security Advisor John Bolton last week made it clear that “there was a qualitative jump [in the relationship] that will allow us to accomplish things that previously were unthinkable.”

Araújo said that for many years there was a ceiling that prevented the US-Brazil relationship from moving forward, caused by the “lack of a common worldview between the Brazilian and American governments.”

“For the first time in many generations, the great moment, one that Brazil dreamed of having, of building a special relationship, an alliance with the United States, has arrived. We have the opportunity of building this relationship from a common worldview,” Araújo also said. “Now we go beyond a formal community of values and democracy, to a community of feelings.”

Among the priorities, Araújo cited the United States’ support for Brazil joining the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – the Americans have been blocking Brazil’s candidacy – and finalizing a decades-long negotiation for a deal to end double taxation among the two countries.

Source: Folha de Sao Paulo