Consortium led by Ecorodovias wins highway concession

The consortium led by Ecorodovias, in partnership with logistic firm GLP, won on Thursday the auction for highway BR-153 between Goiás and Tocantins. The new concessionaire will operate the highway for 35 years and must invest R$7.8 billion in dualling and improvements. The group won with an offer that combined a 16.25% discount on the toll fee and a fixed concession payment of R$320 million. In addition, the concessionaire will have to deposit R$960 million in an account linked to the project – resources that will serve as a “safety cushion” for the concession and may be used to anticipate works, make rebalances or mitigate currency and demand risks. The consortium overbid CCR, which also proposed a 16.25% discount on the tariff and a payment of R$117 million to the government.

Source: Valor international