Brazil’s GDP to drop 17% by 2048 due to global warming, Al Gore says

Former vice-president of the United States, environmentalist Al Gore, said that Brazil may see a 17% drop in its GDP by 2048 if it does not adopt measures to mitigate global warming, that is, to contain the burning of forests and eliminate carbon emissions from its production structure. The projection, Mr. Gore said, comes from a report by insurance company Swiss Re. He spoke at the 4th edition of Cidadão Global, an event organized by Valor Econômico and Santander bank this Tuesday. As usual in his books and documentaries, Mr. Gore described with countless statistics the environmental situation in Brazil in his opening speech. The country’s contradiction is clear for him: with one of the most promising power generation mixes in the world, Brazil has records of deforestation and forest fires. He said that land use in Brazil is a “particularly important” point and that deforestation in the Amazon is “a major concern.” From the long list of solutions, Mr. Gore mentioned energy transition and highlighted Brazil’s leadership in this agenda. “Brazil is already one of the global leaders of the clean energy transition when it comes to cost reductions and now has the cheapest wind power in the world, at R$1.07 per kilowatt-hour. It is astonishing. And since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, wind power capacity has doubled. In Brazil, the cost of electricity from building a new wind plant is already cheaper than continuing to operate an existing coal or gas plant,” the environmentalist said.

Source: Valor international