Brazilians Become More Optimistic about Their Own Financial Situations

According to a poll conducted by the Datafolha institute, the improvement in terms of expectations that Brazilians have regarding their own financial situations did not translate into a more optimistic take on the country’s economic growth.

The poll revealed that 46% of those interviewed believe their financial situations will improve – in the previous poll, which was released in November of 2017, 43% maintained this position. Additionally, the percentage of Brazilians who believe their financial situation will deteriorate went down to 13% versus 19% in the previous poll.

The improvement may be slight, but little by little, it is nearing the all time high that was registered back in July of 2016, two months after former president Dilma Rousseff (PT) had been removed from office and the administration of Michel Temer (MDB) had begun.

Optimism is highest among families whose household income is no greater than two minimum wages: 47% of them believe that their finances will improve.

However, this optimism concerning personal finances does not reflect a more positive view of the Brazilian economy: 41% of those interviewed believe the country’s economy will stay the same. The portion of Brazilians who believe the economy will improve barely changed since the last poll, while the number of Brazilians who believe the economy will deteriorate went down to 26%.

Source: Folha de S. de Paulo