AC Camargo invests R$360m in cancer treatment units in São Paulo

Hospital A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, a chain of oncology clinics, is investing R$360 million in four new outpatient units in the city of São Paulo, which perform procedures such as chemotherapy and low and medium complexity surgeries. A.C. Camargo has only two outpatient units and the goal of the expansion is to create a care network with this model, since most cancer treatments do not require a highly complex hospital structure. “We follow the model adopted in US cancer center hospitals that have outpatient units and use an integrated treatment model, that is, the oncologist and doctors in other specialties work together,” said Vivien Rosso, general superintendent of AC Camargo, which is funding the expansion out of pocket. In 2018, the hospital had net revenues of R$1.3 billion and served 131,000 patients. One-quarter of cancer patients in São Paulo are treated at A.C. Camargo, which sees 10,000 new cases every year.

Source: Valor Econômico